Carrom Easy Folding Stand

Folding stand for Carrom – lightweight and easy to use with adjustment, ensuring the correct height of the board according to the rules of the game.


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The Easy Folding Stand for Carrom is an essential accessory for enthusiasts of this addictive game. Made of lightweight, durable materials, the stand provides not only practical support, but also convenience during gameplay. Its innovative folding mechanism makes it quick and easy to fold and unfold for easy storage and transportation. Thanks to its adjustable height, the stand allows you to level the board at the right height according to the Laws of Carrom, guaranteeing optimal playing conditions and full focus on strategic moves. It is an indispensable companion for any player who values comfort, functionality and professionalism when playing Carrom.



Synco [Syndicate Sporting [SS] Group of Companies] is a Mumbai-based company with a tradition of over 50 years of manufacturing sporting goods for pool, billiards and carom. The company has been awarded many times by the National & International Carrom Federation and Synco tables have been the official tables of the World Carrom Championships many times. All this makes Synco products synonymous with quality, reliability and class in themselves.