About the company

Who are we?

Carromshop.eu has been organising activities supporting the promotion of the Carrom game in Poland for many years.
We support the activities of the Polish Carrom Association and the Centre of Indian Culture and Sports. We organise stands presenting the carrom game during various events. We organise trips to national and international tournaments. We sell carrom equipment and accessories. We also organise activities for children and young people in schools, day care centres and other places for children and young people. Our specialists include people with international refereeing qualifications and many years of experience in organising tournaments and the game itself. We are Carrom players participating in national, European and also world tournaments. We spread our passion to others. With us you will get an answer to any question about Indian billiards.

Contact details:

Jakub Nowakowski
ul. Zielonej Łąki 8
05-083 Borzęcin Mały
Tel: +48 795 510 433
Email: shop@carromshop.eu