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Carrom Platinum Se 20 Mm Natural Rounded

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 1. What is Carrom?


Carrom is a very popular billiard game played on a square table [that's why its other name is Indian billiard]. It consists in inserting wooden coins into four holes arranged in its corners by players playing in pairs or singly. The goal of the game is to hit all the player's coins before the opponent pockets his. The game itself is very exciting - it can absorb the whole family and / or friends.


 2. Where to play carrom?


Literally everywhere! In schools and dayrooms, carrom perfectly integrates children and young people. At home - will please friends and family. You can also go to the club and take part in tournaments. Regardless of where you play, carrom will provide you with the same unforgettable emotions.


 3. Platinium SE series

  The Platinium series tables are the highest model offered by Synco. The board of this series meets the requirements of the most demanding players and is used in top-level tournaments. The Synco Platinum SE Natural  has an excellent band finish (natural rose wood, rounded corners) and surface finish (latest surface and special silck varnish). The Platinum tables were first used at the 5th Carrom Worldcup tournament in Korea in 2018. The boards are characterised by an excellent playing surface with high slip. The Synco Platinum SE model was specially produced for the most important European tournament i.e. 24th Carrom Eurocup 2020 - Poland. You will find many new solutions not found before in other Carrom boards. These are among others:

-- the powder gap - a small slot between the frame and the game surface where the powder can be collected. Thanks to this functionality, the powder that slides to the frame during the game does not interfere with rebound or double shots. Sweeping the powder does not have to be as frequent as before.

-- corner lamp/blocker mounting - there is a 12mm diameter hole in each corner to mount a standard carrom lamp (the suggested carrom lamp is IKEA TERTIAL). In addition, elbow foul crossing blockers can be fitted in the other corners. The blockers are still in the prototype phase and will be available soon.

-- modern mounting system -- the playing surface is fixed to the frame using screwed supporters without nails or glue. This makes it possible to dissamble the surface if any faults are detected and try to repair the curved board. In addition, the plywood is mounted in such a way as to leave a gap of about 1mm to the band, thanks to which the plywood or band has freedom in case of change of its volume (drying or moistening of wood).

-- Omega type pockets - the use of special pockets from high capacity allows you to accommodate all the carrom coins without the need to replace. The pockets can also be easily removed for repair or cleaning, and the Ω-shaped acrylic support also supports the board in the corners.

-- full plywood surface -- the playing surface is made of full birch plywood varnished on both sides. This solution is designed to protect the surface from bending during the drying process/changing humidity. Additionally, each board contains a quality certificate on the bottom and a verification code to confirm the originality of the product.

-- polyester protection insert - the surface is protected for the duration of storage with an insert with a thickness of about 20mm made of polyester foam (as opposed to standard boards that have a polystyrene insert). This solution can be used many times without fear of destroying the insert. In addition, this insert can be used on a daily basis (when the board is unfolded) as a flowing out and can be covered with a tablecloth. In this case the board can be additionally used as a table e.g. for playing cards or board games. Soon there will be additional covers for the carrom in our shop which will serve this purpose.

-- rounded corners - such a finish is not only aesthetically pleasing and looks nice, but also removing a sharp corner is safer for users, allows the installation of the above mentioned foul blocker and reduces the chance of damaging the board in this place (typical traces of use appear in the corners - bruises).

NOTE: Professional boards for carrom do not include coins or striker in the set. These accessories must be ordered separately


 4. Producer


Synco [Syndicate Sporting [SS] Group of Companies] is a company from Mumbai with over 50 years of tradition of producing sports goods for pools, billiards and carrom. The company has been awarded many times by National & International Carrom Federations. Synco tables have been the official tables of the World Carrom Championships many times. All this makes Synco products synonymous with quality, reliability and class in itself.


 5. Precautions


It should be remembered that due to the weight, the table is not mobile, and its multiple folding and improper storage may have an adverse effect on the surface evenness. Therefore, it is recommended to store the table in a special bag and avoiding wet places and exposed to temperature changes.


 6. Recommended accessories


 7. It's all about Carrom


This motto has been guiding us for several years, when we were traveling to India as a student, and for the first time we came across this fascinating game. Today, after years of tournaments and thousands of games played, we know everything about this game because the carrom just consumed us. This experience resulted in the opening of this store. We are happy to pass on our passion to carrom, to you. Carrom can really be cool - check it yourself:

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